Tri Petch IT Solutions Co., Ltd.

Message from President

Tri Petch IT Solutions Co., Ltd. (TPIT) is a system integrator dedicated to IT service for Tri Petch group companies.

We have been providing IT solution to Tri Petch group companies over decades. Company established in June 1990 as “MC Software (Thailand) Co., Ltd.” and had been changed the company’s name once to “ictus Co., Ltd.” in year 2002.

In December 2013, in order to strengthen the sense of unity with “Tri Petch” group companies and enhance our image as IT company focusing on automotive field, the company name was changed again from “ictus Co., Ltd.” to “Tri Petch IT Solutions Co., Ltd. (TPIT).”

In order to unite all employees’ potential to one direction to maximize our service level, we set forth the following Corporate Vision/Mission/Standards of Conduct.

Corporate vision: “To be an excellent IT company in automotive field”
Corporate mission: “To provide proper IT solutions toTri Petch Group companies"

Standards of Conduct:
Trust - Build trust with customer!
Professionalism - Have a sense of professionalism!
Innovation - Continuing innovation of both individual and company is our principle!
Teamwork - Teamwork is a key to success!

Tri Petch IT Solutions Co., Ltd. provides IT services such as application development, infrastructure implementation and maintenance for Tri Petch group who engage in automotive-related business such as automotive distributer, dealer, auto financing, insurance and so on. Based on our experiences of supporting Tri Petch group, we are aiming for the excellent IT solution provider for automotive-related business in the future. Therefore, we are continuously attempting to acquire both technical and business skill especially of automotive-related business.

Moreover, the quality of work process is our key concern, therefore, we continuously make our maximum effort to improve this in order to provide best service to our customers. “Providing the best solution with high quality” is our policy which can be realized only through high motivation , teamwork and sense of innovation of our staffs. As a result, we had acquired the certificate of ISO 9001 in 2000, CMMI Maturity Level 3 in 2008 and ISO20000 in 2012.

More than 160 professionals are ready to work with not only IT knowledge but also business knowledge cultivated over two decades in the culture of Tri Petch group.